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Salvadora Persica

Salvadora Persica

Common Name: Pilu, Karjaal, Miswak
English Name: Toothbrush Tree
Botanical Name: Salvadora persica Linn.
Family: Salvadoraceae

Description: Large shrub with opposite branches, 3 m high sometimes growing as dense thickets on sand hummock.

Chemical constituents: Volatile oil extracted from Salvadora persica leaves, identified as benzyl nitrile, eugenol, thymol, isothymol, eucalyptol, isoterpinolene, and β-caryophyllene. Glucotropaelin is also present. It also contains large amount of tannic acid that prevents adherence of bacteria on teeth.

Properties: The roots and shoot sticks have been used for centuries as oral hygiene tools in many parts of the world .It was reported that fresh and dried leaves, dried fruits and stems are used to treat swellings,ulcers and blisters, regulating menstruation, gases and worms. Roots used as toothbrushes and the crushed leaves used with oil to treat joint and knee pains while the fruits also are edible.

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