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Psoralia corylifolia    

Psoralia CorylifoliaCommon Name: Babchi                                
English Name: Psroalia Seeds
Botanical Name: Psoralia corylifolia
Family: Papillionaceae

Description: It is an herbaceous annual plant and grows up to 120 cm in height.  Seeds are brownish black in color, oblong, and flattened. The seeds have an agreeable aromatic odor and a pungent-bitter taste. Leaves are simple, broadly elliptic, rounded. Flowers are dense and yellow or bluish purple in colour. Fruit is small, 5 mm long, pitted black, one-seeded pod, which is adhering to the pericarp.

Chemical Composition: The major constituents identified from the this plant are isoflavone, corylinin,  isopsoralen, psoralen, sophoracoumestan A, neobavaisoflavone, daidzin and uracil.

Properties: The most amazing aspect of this plant is that every part of it is useful in the treatment of skin disorders like leucoderma, dermatitis, skin rash, swelling of skin and type of skin infection and inflammation. This plant has been used extensively as a blood purifier. The furanocoumarins, which contain psoralens, promote pigmentation. It helps fight vitiligo, a disorder in which patches of skin lose their pigmentation. It is used to treat itching red papules, itching eruptions, extensive eczema with thickened dermis, ringworm, rough and discolored dermatosis, dermatosis with fissures, and scabies.It has shown to improve the color of skin, hair, and nails.

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