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Mesua Ferrea

Mesua Ferrea

Common Name: Nagkesar, Nagchampa
English Name: Cobra Saffron, Indian Rose Chestnut
Botanical Name: Mesua ferrea Linn.
Family: Guttiferae

Description: Mesua ferrea is a medium-sized or fairly large evergreen tree up to 36 m tall. Bole cylindrical to poorly shaped, up to95 cm in diameter, often fluted at base. Flowers terminal or axilary, bisexual, solitary or up to 9-flowerd open panicle, pedicel with small paired bracts.

Chemical Cosntituents: Contains xanthones, coumarins, biflavones, cyclohexanedionederivatives and essential oils.

Properties: This plant is very beneficial in bleeding piles, bleeding dysentery, excessive menstruation and other bleeding disorders. It is is a good appetizer, and effective herb for curing digestive troubles, and effectively used in loss of appetite, indigestion. Indian rose chestnut has aphrodisiac properties and also beneficial in respiratory disorders like cough and asthma.

Used in the following MATXIN product:

  • Leucofem tablets
  • Respimet syrup
  • Pileher tablets