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Lawsonia Inermis

Lawsonia Inermis

Common Name: Mehandi,Nakhranjak
English Name: Henna
Botanical Name: Lawsonia inermis
Family: Lythraceae

Description: Lawsonia nermis a much-branched glabrous hrub orsmal tre 2-6 m in height, whic may bespiny. Bark greyish-brown, unarmed when young, older plants with spine-tiped branchlets. Young branches quadrangular, green but turn red with age.Leaves oposite, ntire, subsesile, liptc obroadly anceolate, 1.5- x 0.5-2 cm, glabrous, acuminate; veins on the upper surface depressed.

Chemical Constituents: Main chemical components are lawsone, esculetin, fraxetin, isoplumbagin, scopoletin, betulin, betulinic acid, hennadiol, lupeol, lacoumarin, quinone and napthaquinone.

Properties: Boosts hair growth, henna helps in the cure of hair loss. Its removes excessive heat from the body. Its helps reduce headaches, aches and pain. Improve blood circulation. Henna leaves are beneficial for mouth ulcers and blisters in the mouth. It helps cure dandruff. It help to promote hair growth and keeps them healthy, prevents hair loss and thinning. It is therapeutic and calming. Henna flowers are useful in pain.

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