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Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre

Common Name: Meshasringi, Madhunashini, Gurmar
English Name: Periploca of the Woods
Botanical Name: Gymnema sylvestre R.Br.
Family: Ascelpiadaceae

Description: G. sylvestre is a slow growing, perennial, woody climber, distributed throughout the India, in dry forests upto 600 m height. It is mainly present in the tropical forest of Central and Southern India. It is also found in Banda, konkan, Western Ghats, Deccan extending to the parts of western and northern India.

Chemical Constituents: The leaves of G. sylvestre contain triterpene saponins belonging to oleanane and dammarene classes. Oleanane saponins are gymnemic acids and gymnemasaponins, while  dammarene saponins are gymnemasides.
Properties:  Gymnema helps abolish the taste of sugar, reduces sugar cravings and sugar addictions, reduces intestinal absorption of glucose and thus supports pancreatic sufficiency. It helps maintain healthy glucose metabolism and helps manage healthy weight.

Used in the following MATX product:

  • Diamet tablets