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Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia

Common Name: Brikshamla
English Name: Kokum
Botanical Name: Garcinia Cambogia
Family: Guttifera

Description: It is an ever green tree with thin and soft branches. Leaves are dark green and ovate in shape. Flowers are monecious. Fruits are round in shape and purple in colour and contains many seeds.

Chemical Composition: Hydroxy citric acid, xanthones (e.g. carbogiol) and benzophenones (e.g. garcinol) and amino acids (e.g. gamma aminobutyric acid).

Properties: Used in the treatment of obesity and high blood lipids. It acts by suppressing the appetite and inhibiting the synthesis of fats in the body.

Used in the following MATXIN products:

  • Slimzin capsules