Science of Herbs

Eclipta Alba

Eclipta Alba

Common Name: Bhangra, Bhringaraja
English Name: Trailing eclipta, False Daisy
Botanical Name: Eclipta alba Hassk.
Family: Compositae

Description: It is an erect or prostrate, much branched, roughly hairy, annual herb.Root is tap root, Stem is herbaceous, branched, nodes brown in color, and presence of white trichomes and cylindrical. Leaves are sessile to sub-sessile, opposite, 2.2-8.5 cm long, and 1.2-2.3 cm wide usually oblong, lanceolate, sub-acute or acute, with apprised hair on both surfaces.

Chemical Properties: It contains alkaloids like ecliptine and nicotine, and Bio-active steroidal alkaloids verazine, dehydroverazine ecliptalbine. Dried leaves have been reported to contain Coumarins like wedelolactone and its derivative demethylwedelolactone , isodemethylewedelolactone and strycholactone. Many Hydrocarbons like ecliptal,α-formylterthienyl. Whole plant is said to have many Triterpenene like saponin,eclalbatin,along with α –amyrin, β-amyrin, ursolin acid, oleanolic acid and wedelic acid.  

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