Science of Herbs

Doliochos Biflorus

Doliochos Biflorus

Common Name: Kulthi, Kulattha
English Name: Horse gram
Botanical Name: Dolichos biflorus Linn.
Family: Fabaceae

Description: Annual herb, suberect, cultivated throughout India. Plant is a twining creeper, found upto the altitude of 1000 meters, seeds are grayish brown and flattened.

Chemical Composition: It contains Carbohydrates, Fat, Proteins, Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin A and Urease.

Properties: Seed of D. biflorus is used in the treatment of piles, pain, constipation, wounds, urinary calculi, cough, edema, asthma, etc. Seeds are also beneficial in enlarged liver and spleen. The seeds of D. biflorus have been reported to show antilithiatic, antihepatotoxic, and hypolipidemic activity, and are involved in lowering the level of blood sugar and total cholesterol.

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