Science of Herbs

Cissampelos Paeira

Cissampelos Paeira

Common Name: Piluphala, Patha,
English Name: Velvet leaf
Botanical Name: Cissampelos paeira Linn
Family: Menispermaceae

Description: This is a perennial climbing herb/shrub with small greenish-yellow flower of which 30-40 species are distributed in the tropical and subtropical world. One species is found in India. It was first described from Latin America, but actually occurs throughout the tropics. 

Chemical Constituents: Main chemical constituents are alkaloids, arachidic acid, bebeerine, berberine, bulbocapnine, cissamine, cissampareine among many others. Roots yield pelosin or cissampeline (identical to berberine), and another alkaloid, serperine. Plant yields isoquinoline alkaloids; tetrandrine.

Properties: Patha is used to treat gynaecological problems. Some tribes use roots of herb as contraceptive. The leaves exhibits antifertility activity in female albino rat. Patha leaves is effective in skin diseases viz. abscesses, burns, boils, sores, scabies, itches, acne. Leaves are antiseptic and applied on inflammation and sores.Root is astringent, stimulates urine production, improves appetite, reduces fever and increases blood flow in pelvic region (reproductive organs, uterus).

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  • Pileher ointment