Science of Herbs


Cassia fistula                  

English Name: Indian laburnum
Family: Fabaceae

Description: This is a medium sized perennial tree and has large compound leaves. The main beauty of the tree is dues to its yellow colour flowers. They are bright yellow in colour that hangs from the branches. The fruits are shiny dark brown in color and are usually cylindrical in shape.

Chemical Constituents: The  plant  is  rich  in  phenolic  antioxidants  such  as anthraquinones,  flavonoids  and  flavan- 3-ol  derivatives.  Cassia fistulas laxative actions are due to a compound called anthraquinone.

Properties: This plant has anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, anti ulcer, anti-microbial and mild laxative activity.

Used in the following MATXIN products:

  • Pileher tablets