Science of Herbs

Bauhinia Variegate

Bauhinia variegate                  

Common Name: Kachnar
English Name: Orchid Tree
Botanical Name: Bauhinia variegate
Family: Fabaceae

Description: This is a 12-15 tall tree with brownish bark. The leaf is broadly ovate. Flowers are white or with pinkish spots with racemose inflorescence. Flat shaped legumes with 10-15 seeds.  

Chemical Composition: Some of the actives constituents isolated from the plant are β-sitosterol, kaempferol-3-glucoside, tannins, vitamin C, quercetin, rutin, quercitrin, apigenin.

Properties: It is an anti-inflammatory, stops bleeding from piles, heals wound and ulcers. Relieves itching.

Used in the following MATXIN products:

  • Pileher tablets