Science of Herbs

Amaranthus Spinosus

Amaranthus spinosus

Common Name: Kanta chaulai
English Name: Spiny pigweed
Botanical Name: Amaranthus spinosus

Description: This herb is erect and heavily branched. There are spines all along the plant. Leaves are elliptical with obtuse apex and the petiole is 4 cm long. The flowers are terminal in position in sessile form without bracts.

Chemical Composition: Commonly encountered phytochemical constituents in the leaf extracts of  Amaranthus spinosus included flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids and cardiac glycosides.

Properties: The plant has been found to be a rich source of flavonoids such as quercetin and rutin. It has also been used for the treatment of acne and for skin cleansing. A number of studies found that the whole plant possesses analgesic, anti-inflammatory activity.

Used in the following MATXIN products:

  • Acne and pimple gel