CompanyThe formal birth of Matxin Labs Pvt. Ltd. took place in 2011 in the month of March. Research and quality was the foundation stone. To deep dive into nature and get the best out of that to make products which would ease the life of people and make them happy. Our company makes Herbal Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products..

The company was started by Dr S. K Mitra, a medical doctor by education and dealing with herbs his passion. The journey so far has been satisfying and giving us more hunger to do better and make more people happy around the world. We have our labs and factories in Bangalore (India). By now we have expanded to 22 countries and going stronger to take the safe herb based Pharmaceutical and Personal Care products to more countries. CompanyWe are paranoid about maintaining the quality and consistency in each bottle day in and day out. 150 and more research based quality products are being sold all around the world and more are in the pipeline. We relentlessly work towards ensuring that the wealth available in the nature in the form of herbs is harnessed by the most modern scientific methods.  



CompanyWe make products based out of extensive research, clinical trials and testing.

Even after the product has been launched, we work extensively on the feedback of the doctors, patients and consumers to get insights on the product performance and introduce improvements as and when required.

A lot of passion goes into it at the time of ideating the product and delving into nature to find the solutions.

Then science and technology takes over to put the formulations under a rigour.

Our aim is to ease people’s life and give them better lifestyle and a sense of wellbeing and make them happy with our products.

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QualityResearch & Quality is the heart and soul of the company and it is ingrained in each of the employee of the company.

The suppliers and vendors who deal with us get to know about our zeal and only those stick with us who imbibe our culture.

Research is a long drawn out process where there are success and failures both. Many a times in our company some product idea or formulation does not see the light of the day. We keep them in the back burner to take it out some day in future to re-visit the whole idea or formulation in the light of any new information which has come in at that time.

After the formulations have been finalised the virtually ruthless rigour of quality takes over. Right from the source of the herbs which is the mainstay of the product to the end when the product is packed and ready to hit the road to reach out to our very supportive and valued consumers

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